Oct 27, 2011

Our way wall decoration

Are you that kind of a person that love family photos as a decoration on your walls? YES, I AM! :) hi hi Admit it!!! And proud of it :)
I bought lots of frames in Ikea (where else) in different colors, but I didn't liked it anymore that way, so I decided to do a touch up on them :)
Let's see...
Here it is before...

I just simply spray painted the frames in which color??? White, sure! :)

And that's it :) I LOVE it now! :)

Memories and frames,


I was so busy lately, that I didn't even post anything here, but I have lots of new projects to show you... But because it's ''that'' time of the year again, I have something ''seasonal'' here for you :) ready? :)

It's something sweet-scary :) hi hi
You can see before and after here:

I got a huge pumpkin from my mother in law and used it as a front door decoration.

I was some drilling in the pumpkin and making holes big enough, to stick some backyard branches in it.
I spray painted branches with white spray paint...

I printed out some scary(almost cute) ''faces'' and stick them on branches with hot glue gun.

And I have a new addition in my craft room! It's a chalk paint :) And it comes very handy on a dark halloween :) wanna see what I did? :) I just played around with it and make it scary funny for the friends who come on a visit :)

Isn't that cool? :) Love chalk paint, and will use it for more and more stuff! hi hi
These little fingers helped me with making ghosts...

Their finished project(ghosts) :

And we are almost finished... Just a touch up more :)

Here it is with a lamp, that is creeping ''everybody'' out at night... hi hi

P.S.: I have to mention my little photographer that took every single photo here and helped me out on this fun project :)

Be scared and witched,

Oct 16, 2011

We all adore Bling Bling! Right??? :)

Because my girls are all into princesses,  I wanted to make something glittery and ''princessy'' for them :) When you walk in our apartment you can immediately see the wooden fonts on the kids room Princesses room :)
But those were just bought in a store and glued on, nothing special, nothing girly... See??? Blah blah blah... :/

What I did? I spray painted those wooden fonts white!

With art potch(mod potch) I helped to glue the glitters on like here:

I waited the glue to dry and then I glued pink and purple plastic crystals on and a few swarowski crystals.
I just had to glue new and stylish fonts on the door :) It looks like this now :)

We are super happy with the result, because we all like bling bling! At least the feminine side of our family :) hi hi

Sparkles in the eyes,

I will find lots of treasures...

I have something new for you :) something that is decorating our front door right now :)
Wanna see it? Here it is :

It's super easy to make this pretty door wreath...
Here are the steps:
1.) Go on a walk with your dog and your kids and find those treasures, these are super organic :)

2.) Find paperboard (I used the shoe box cover) and draw 2 circles, one bigger and one smaller... Then cut it out and tie a string on, that will help you to hang your door wreath

3.) Here comes the best part... Glue all the ''treasures'' on, with hot glue gun... at the end I added some ribbon and voila, that's it! :)
Here is my wreath hanged on our front door...

Bows and treasures,

Oct 10, 2011


Wow, I was busy these days... Had so much to do... driving my girls on ballet, kindergarten, school, work, renovation,etc... :)
But I have new project that I will share with you :) My mom&dad are renovating and I wanted to be a part of this renovation... If you know me, you know that I'm a DIY freak and I helped my parents with some ideas :) Totally ME :)
We pick out the right time, like you can see on the picture... It's not hot and it's raining... Perfect timing :)

And about the project... I had a spray paint in my hands and I need to say I'm a beginner with it, but I LOVE it!!!!! I bought 2 colors: white and shiny silver... Here it is:

I was spraying all the ''ugly'' things and make it fresh, modern and beautiful! 
Here is the ''ugly'' (80's) light switch, that I made fresh and modern, without spending all the money for new ones and without polluting the nature with throwing them in a trash... Because they were made out of plastic(like they usually are), I needed a plastic primer to spray it with, to prime for the white spray paint... Want to see the result???

And here is one vase, that wasn't the right color to fit in the modern line, we want to achieve, but I love the leave shapes on it... And now we have completely new vase, with just spray painting :)


 They(parents) had 3 big paintings with ''GOLD'' frame. Because we need to be in style, we need to have silver frames :) And that's the work for me :) I was happy doing it and I'm happy with the result. So is everybody else.... hi hi

That is not all I did, but it will we enough for now :) Will keep you updated, ok? :) 

Silver spray painted fingers,

Sep 27, 2011

AUTUMN is here...

But the weather is still very summer-y... :) And yeah, I like it a lot! A lot! :) Don't even remember the end of September, to be so warm...25degrees C!!! wow!!!
But anyway, Autumn is here, so I had to make a project to feel the new season...

What I made is just a decoration. I had 2 little pumpkins, very organic, they grew on our garden...

Because I LOVE everything Shiny I was playing with glitters... I used a glue, brushes and glitters...

This is still very wet from glue, trying to dry, to be finished:

And here is my table decoration... I have to mention that all other things were found by my princesses on our daily walks... They call this pretty finds Treasures... So my bag is full of treasures when we get home :) hi hi

Warm Autumn colors,

Sep 26, 2011

''My first School Bag''

I know that it's almost one month since the school started, but I have one project to show you... I didn't took photos while I was making it(still regret it), but had a ''photo shooting''(hi hi) with a finished work.
Because my daughter went to school for the first time on 5th of September this year, I wanted to make something special and unique for her. And I decided that I will make her First school bag... I went to Ikea(totally love it) and found this perfect and ''love at first sight'' fabric. Then I was behind the sewing machine one day and voila... here it is:
Need to let you know that this isn't a big bag, it's little bigger than A4 notebook. She leaves the bag in school from monday to friday, doesn't carry any books or notebooks in it. It's enough for what she needs. I asked her if she wants to have a schoolbag like other kids in her class, but she told me that she loves what I did for her and that no one has the same and she wants exactly this bag! I love her! :)
Here is the back of the schoolbag:
 Opened school bag:

It has a pocket inside:

Here it is with my sweetie pie:

And here she is in her class room:

I can't wait for another project that I will do...  And of course I will show it to you... So, till the next time...

Sewing and learning,

Sep 23, 2011

DIY Jewellry Art and Wall Paintings

I have a new DIY project for you... I'm known as a painting ''freak'' :) I Painted all the walls in our apartment... When renovating princesses room, when trying out colors in dining room, when try to warm up living room and hallway, refreshing kitchen and making bedroom ''glam''!!! So I guess you know that I have lots of experiences, and the will to make it :) hi hi It was a lot of work, but I love changes.. I just regret that I didn't photographed all of my challenges, because I would have a lot to show you :)
But my latest challenge in this niche was to paint one wall in bedroom, which was gold, because once I just wanted to have a gold glam bedroom. Which worked for a while, but I got tired of it... So few months ago I painted 2 walls white and left ceiling and one wall gold... Now it was the time to paint the last wall in white :) To get the room even lighter... And I did it and love it :) you can see the pictures down below:

What do you think? 
And do you want to know what kind of an ''art'' do I have in that black frame?
This is another DIY project that I did in the summer... I used cork board, ''dressed'' it in fabric... To show you that I'm a recycler too, I used a fabric from my pants that I wore almost 10 years ago :) Some old stuff comes handy sometimes (a lot in my case)! hi hi

                                                      (This fabric was my pants in old days)
I also used an old frame that I got when I was 13 years old :) yeah, like I said, old things comes handy, so don't throw things away if you a have a place to store it. I live in a house, so I have an attic that is full of handy things :) so... to finish the post... I fixed the cork board on a frame and hang my jewelry on hooks in cork board. That's it and I love it... It's my peace of art... :) And Unique too :) hi hi

That's it for today, hope you had a inspirational time in Nola's Life... See you soon!

Appreciate Vintage,

Need a Worry doll???

My older daughter got from her Grand-Grand mother something sooooo sweet and lovely.... And I love the purpose of it... And what are these Guatemalan Worry Dolls all about???
In the traditional lore of the Maya Indians of Guatemala: ''If you have worries, share them with your worry dolls. When you go to bed tell a worry to each doll, and then sleep with the dolls underneath your pillow. When you wake in the morning the dolls will have spirited your worries away.'' Isn't that sweet?!? And they are so so tiny and hand made... We love other traditions and cultures so I think that's perfect for my daughters!(But it's not for the children under 3 years!)

Tiny dolls and deep sleep,

Sep 20, 2011

My Style Agenda

I have something new for all of you :)
I made Family Agenda that we all see, know what is going on, when we have some busy days,we don't want to forget about them :) hihi
Pictures will tell all, so let's see what I did...ok? :)
1.) I had cork board from some previous project, that I will show you someday... and what I did is just find the right fabric for my taste (navy style is what I love lately) :)
2.)  Pin the fabric on cork board, to prepare it for coupling

2nd Step will be shown just in pictures, no need for me to talk about it, you'll see everything...

Next step was, to print out the days of the week and prepare columns with green leather strings... And on the last picture you can see my finished project on our fridge ... I think it will help us to be more organized or not to forget some special days or moments...

Organized days,