Feb 23, 2011

Is honesty the Future?!?!?

Do you prefer people that always agree with you and smile at you or do you prefer
honest, direct spoken people who will always tell you the truth,
even if it's not that kind of a truth
that you would like to hear!!!
People are our biggest enemies... But can we do something and change that?
We can start with ourselves and look into our soul...
Do you like what you see in there?!?
If you think you could do something better, change that today...
We can't be perfect, no one is... but we can try to be honest
and not doing harm to other people...
And the sun will immediatelly shine in our lives!!!
Be the Change!!!
Be the Love!!!
Be the Sunshine!!!
And positive things will start to glue on you! But be patient with that...
And always choose good, positive friends!!!
They can change your life in positive or negative way!!!

Your friend,