Sep 27, 2011

AUTUMN is here...

But the weather is still very summer-y... :) And yeah, I like it a lot! A lot! :) Don't even remember the end of September, to be so warm...25degrees C!!! wow!!!
But anyway, Autumn is here, so I had to make a project to feel the new season...

What I made is just a decoration. I had 2 little pumpkins, very organic, they grew on our garden...

Because I LOVE everything Shiny I was playing with glitters... I used a glue, brushes and glitters...

This is still very wet from glue, trying to dry, to be finished:

And here is my table decoration... I have to mention that all other things were found by my princesses on our daily walks... They call this pretty finds Treasures... So my bag is full of treasures when we get home :) hi hi

Warm Autumn colors,

Sep 26, 2011

''My first School Bag''

I know that it's almost one month since the school started, but I have one project to show you... I didn't took photos while I was making it(still regret it), but had a ''photo shooting''(hi hi) with a finished work.
Because my daughter went to school for the first time on 5th of September this year, I wanted to make something special and unique for her. And I decided that I will make her First school bag... I went to Ikea(totally love it) and found this perfect and ''love at first sight'' fabric. Then I was behind the sewing machine one day and voila... here it is:
Need to let you know that this isn't a big bag, it's little bigger than A4 notebook. She leaves the bag in school from monday to friday, doesn't carry any books or notebooks in it. It's enough for what she needs. I asked her if she wants to have a schoolbag like other kids in her class, but she told me that she loves what I did for her and that no one has the same and she wants exactly this bag! I love her! :)
Here is the back of the schoolbag:
 Opened school bag:

It has a pocket inside:

Here it is with my sweetie pie:

And here she is in her class room:

I can't wait for another project that I will do...  And of course I will show it to you... So, till the next time...

Sewing and learning,

Sep 23, 2011

DIY Jewellry Art and Wall Paintings

I have a new DIY project for you... I'm known as a painting ''freak'' :) I Painted all the walls in our apartment... When renovating princesses room, when trying out colors in dining room, when try to warm up living room and hallway, refreshing kitchen and making bedroom ''glam''!!! So I guess you know that I have lots of experiences, and the will to make it :) hi hi It was a lot of work, but I love changes.. I just regret that I didn't photographed all of my challenges, because I would have a lot to show you :)
But my latest challenge in this niche was to paint one wall in bedroom, which was gold, because once I just wanted to have a gold glam bedroom. Which worked for a while, but I got tired of it... So few months ago I painted 2 walls white and left ceiling and one wall gold... Now it was the time to paint the last wall in white :) To get the room even lighter... And I did it and love it :) you can see the pictures down below:

What do you think? 
And do you want to know what kind of an ''art'' do I have in that black frame?
This is another DIY project that I did in the summer... I used cork board, ''dressed'' it in fabric... To show you that I'm a recycler too, I used a fabric from my pants that I wore almost 10 years ago :) Some old stuff comes handy sometimes (a lot in my case)! hi hi

                                                      (This fabric was my pants in old days)
I also used an old frame that I got when I was 13 years old :) yeah, like I said, old things comes handy, so don't throw things away if you a have a place to store it. I live in a house, so I have an attic that is full of handy things :) so... to finish the post... I fixed the cork board on a frame and hang my jewelry on hooks in cork board. That's it and I love it... It's my peace of art... :) And Unique too :) hi hi

That's it for today, hope you had a inspirational time in Nola's Life... See you soon!

Appreciate Vintage,

Need a Worry doll???

My older daughter got from her Grand-Grand mother something sooooo sweet and lovely.... And I love the purpose of it... And what are these Guatemalan Worry Dolls all about???
In the traditional lore of the Maya Indians of Guatemala: ''If you have worries, share them with your worry dolls. When you go to bed tell a worry to each doll, and then sleep with the dolls underneath your pillow. When you wake in the morning the dolls will have spirited your worries away.'' Isn't that sweet?!? And they are so so tiny and hand made... We love other traditions and cultures so I think that's perfect for my daughters!(But it's not for the children under 3 years!)

Tiny dolls and deep sleep,

Sep 20, 2011

My Style Agenda

I have something new for all of you :)
I made Family Agenda that we all see, know what is going on, when we have some busy days,we don't want to forget about them :) hihi
Pictures will tell all, so let's see what I did...ok? :)
1.) I had cork board from some previous project, that I will show you someday... and what I did is just find the right fabric for my taste (navy style is what I love lately) :)
2.)  Pin the fabric on cork board, to prepare it for coupling

2nd Step will be shown just in pictures, no need for me to talk about it, you'll see everything...

Next step was, to print out the days of the week and prepare columns with green leather strings... And on the last picture you can see my finished project on our fridge ... I think it will help us to be more organized or not to forget some special days or moments...

Organized days,

Sep 19, 2011

Strange visit...

When I was preparing for Birthday party, I found someone who came to visit us... We have never seen this kind of an animal, because it was 10 times bigger than ''normal''(read: usual) size... Wanna see our visit???

Here is the other one... And you can compare it's size to my finger :)
It was safety moved somewhere in the wild nature to continue her green life...

And I have some other photo, that I wanted to show you... We had a huge storm last week... And when the storm was on it's way to us, it looked like this:

Isn't that beautiful? I love it...
 Lightning and rain drops,

Blow Out the Candels and Make a Wish!

I had a hectic weekend... My little princess had a birthday party. She is 4 today!!! Happy Birthday my sweetie pie!!!
I just want to show you guys, what I did and how I prepare myself for the birthday! My main goal was, to do almost everything by myself(except balloons and candels) :)
Here is the invitation that I did... We had a photoshooting outside the house and then i just ''played'' with photos and made this:

On the back of the invitation was written where and when the party starts! :)
The next Project was decoration (because I planned this party for one month). Here you can see something that I sew out of an old knitted dress that I didn't wear anymore and I love the colors of it... Made one short-one and one long-one...

I used Birthday printables, I found them here. And how I used them, you can see on the next photo:
I made ''snacks holders'' out of a scrapbook paper... and put them in drinking glass, stick the felt and printed paperboard on the glass, to be more personal for the birthday girl and put some colored feathers in the glass.

Here you can the printables what I found on the same page... Used this for water, juice and wine labels...

One other thing that I did: Cake stand... but I'm using it as a cookie stand or a fruit stand... What do you need to do it yourself? 2 plates and one glass(wine glass is what I used) or a vintage coffe/tea cup. I glued those pieces together with silicone and colored the glass with glass colors and sprinkle it with glitters, to shine, because I love shiny things :) Pretty simple, right? :) And very usefull!!!

And the almost final thing that I did was the outfit for her 4th birthday... I sew her fancy shirt(with ruffeled sleeves) that was in the style of her tutu... And had pink 4 in the front...

She loved it and feel very special in it... She was hugging me so much when I showed it to her ... and asked me:''Mommy, why are you doing all those pretty things for us?'' and I said:'' Because I Love you, that's why''... <wink>

Last thing that I did was the cake: It was very healthy cake,with apples,raisins,hazelnuts,soy milk and without flour and eggs... It would be vegan, if I wouldn't use sweet cream with it :) and I decorate it very girly-style! :)
We had so much fun on a party... Thanx to everyone who came and those who couldn't, hope you could come next time... See you in December, on a next Birthday party :)

Baloons and sweet cream fingers,

Sep 14, 2011

Unique Headband made with sooooo much LOVE!

Are you that person who wants to have something, that no other have? Yup, I am :) But just when it comes to handmade things!!! Unique things, made with Love. Means so much more to me, than some expensive stuff that some poor people,sometimes even children(who works all day in a factory to survive) make. Today I made something with LOVE for my girls! Headbands...
Let's see what I did,ok? :)
I bought some cheap headbands, for only 10 cents. I didn't like them, but I knew that I would do something with them :)

Then I used some colored felt and ''dress'' the ugly headband. I helped myself with a hot glue gun...

And here is the other one(different color), because I have 2 little treasures :)

My next step was to put some details on that boring headbands... I used felt balls and ribbon:

And the other color:

In the inner side i covered the ugly felt junction with some ribbon and hot glue gun:

And finished look... My girls loved this new addition to their hair accessories...

Hope you'll take some time and create something for your kids, because their little hearts are so happy when we do something like this for them and also teach them creativity and grow their imagination...

Walking in the clouds with my feet on the ground,

Sep 12, 2011

Wall Art

I was super excited today with what I made.. Wanna know?
Well... It's wall art :) but no, I didn't paint or something like that... I made something else :)
I bought some yellow fabric in Ikea few weeks ago.... And I made a wood frame out of some abandoned wood... I used ''floor foam'' as a base, to be more rounded on the edges... And than i just added fabric and attached it with a stapler. I had some fabric left, so I made - sew 2 pillows for the sofa. You can see everything in the pictures. I love this warm ''spring-y'' feeling in living room...

Sun and hot September,

Sep 11, 2011

First day of School!

We have a Kindergartener and a First grader in our house... And here are some of the pics that I want to show you...

I made those flags out of paperboard and fabric. I added some ribbon and leather rope and that's it. I print out the letters and stick them on a flag. I used a got glue gun and for holding the flag i used some plastic stick that i found in our garage and cover them with fabric. My girls were sooooo happy with them, carrying them around the house... If you'll make something like that, let me know,ok?

And here I have another photo(sorry for covering little faces):

That is the photo(without covered faces), that we will have in our scrapbook... And remembering it forever!!! The girls have the signs that I printed out:
- I'm a 1st Grader
-I'm a Kindergartener
I found them on a pretty little Blog called I Heart Nap Time . Check it out...
Send me your Back to School photos if you want. I want to see Your creativity!!!

Hot pink and smiling faces,

Old times - Good Times...

Do you agree with me? I love everything connected with good old days...  And that is why I also love antique carousel. Me and my familly had a fun filled day driving with the antique carousels. We were there with some very special people, who we love the most... My girls tried everything in the park, even got helium balloons - one Princes and one Smurfette :) they were so happy and sweet, that I could just ''eat'' them :) hihi And I'm not the only one :D
Here are some photos of the few things we had fun with... The weekend was amazing, hope that you had a fun and love filled weekend too!!!

Balloons and Cotton Candy,