Sep 26, 2011

''My first School Bag''

I know that it's almost one month since the school started, but I have one project to show you... I didn't took photos while I was making it(still regret it), but had a ''photo shooting''(hi hi) with a finished work.
Because my daughter went to school for the first time on 5th of September this year, I wanted to make something special and unique for her. And I decided that I will make her First school bag... I went to Ikea(totally love it) and found this perfect and ''love at first sight'' fabric. Then I was behind the sewing machine one day and voila... here it is:
Need to let you know that this isn't a big bag, it's little bigger than A4 notebook. She leaves the bag in school from monday to friday, doesn't carry any books or notebooks in it. It's enough for what she needs. I asked her if she wants to have a schoolbag like other kids in her class, but she told me that she loves what I did for her and that no one has the same and she wants exactly this bag! I love her! :)
Here is the back of the schoolbag:
 Opened school bag:

It has a pocket inside:

Here it is with my sweetie pie:

And here she is in her class room:

I can't wait for another project that I will do...  And of course I will show it to you... So, till the next time...

Sewing and learning,

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