Oct 16, 2011

I will find lots of treasures...

I have something new for you :) something that is decorating our front door right now :)
Wanna see it? Here it is :

It's super easy to make this pretty door wreath...
Here are the steps:
1.) Go on a walk with your dog and your kids and find those treasures, these are super organic :)

2.) Find paperboard (I used the shoe box cover) and draw 2 circles, one bigger and one smaller... Then cut it out and tie a string on, that will help you to hang your door wreath

3.) Here comes the best part... Glue all the ''treasures'' on, with hot glue gun... at the end I added some ribbon and voila, that's it! :)
Here is my wreath hanged on our front door...

Bows and treasures,

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