Oct 10, 2011


Wow, I was busy these days... Had so much to do... driving my girls on ballet, kindergarten, school, work, renovation,etc... :)
But I have new project that I will share with you :) My mom&dad are renovating and I wanted to be a part of this renovation... If you know me, you know that I'm a DIY freak and I helped my parents with some ideas :) Totally ME :)
We pick out the right time, like you can see on the picture... It's not hot and it's raining... Perfect timing :)

And about the project... I had a spray paint in my hands and I need to say I'm a beginner with it, but I LOVE it!!!!! I bought 2 colors: white and shiny silver... Here it is:

I was spraying all the ''ugly'' things and make it fresh, modern and beautiful! 
Here is the ''ugly'' (80's) light switch, that I made fresh and modern, without spending all the money for new ones and without polluting the nature with throwing them in a trash... Because they were made out of plastic(like they usually are), I needed a plastic primer to spray it with, to prime for the white spray paint... Want to see the result???

And here is one vase, that wasn't the right color to fit in the modern line, we want to achieve, but I love the leave shapes on it... And now we have completely new vase, with just spray painting :)


 They(parents) had 3 big paintings with ''GOLD'' frame. Because we need to be in style, we need to have silver frames :) And that's the work for me :) I was happy doing it and I'm happy with the result. So is everybody else.... hi hi

That is not all I did, but it will we enough for now :) Will keep you updated, ok? :) 

Silver spray painted fingers,

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