Oct 16, 2011

We all adore Bling Bling! Right??? :)

Because my girls are all into princesses,  I wanted to make something glittery and ''princessy'' for them :) When you walk in our apartment you can immediately see the wooden fonts on the kids room Princesses room :)
But those were just bought in a store and glued on, nothing special, nothing girly... See??? Blah blah blah... :/

What I did? I spray painted those wooden fonts white!

With art potch(mod potch) I helped to glue the glitters on like here:

I waited the glue to dry and then I glued pink and purple plastic crystals on and a few swarowski crystals.
I just had to glue new and stylish fonts on the door :) It looks like this now :)

We are super happy with the result, because we all like bling bling! At least the feminine side of our family :) hi hi

Sparkles in the eyes,

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