Sep 14, 2011

Unique Headband made with sooooo much LOVE!

Are you that person who wants to have something, that no other have? Yup, I am :) But just when it comes to handmade things!!! Unique things, made with Love. Means so much more to me, than some expensive stuff that some poor people,sometimes even children(who works all day in a factory to survive) make. Today I made something with LOVE for my girls! Headbands...
Let's see what I did,ok? :)
I bought some cheap headbands, for only 10 cents. I didn't like them, but I knew that I would do something with them :)

Then I used some colored felt and ''dress'' the ugly headband. I helped myself with a hot glue gun...

And here is the other one(different color), because I have 2 little treasures :)

My next step was to put some details on that boring headbands... I used felt balls and ribbon:

And the other color:

In the inner side i covered the ugly felt junction with some ribbon and hot glue gun:

And finished look... My girls loved this new addition to their hair accessories...

Hope you'll take some time and create something for your kids, because their little hearts are so happy when we do something like this for them and also teach them creativity and grow their imagination...

Walking in the clouds with my feet on the ground,

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