Sep 23, 2011

DIY Jewellry Art and Wall Paintings

I have a new DIY project for you... I'm known as a painting ''freak'' :) I Painted all the walls in our apartment... When renovating princesses room, when trying out colors in dining room, when try to warm up living room and hallway, refreshing kitchen and making bedroom ''glam''!!! So I guess you know that I have lots of experiences, and the will to make it :) hi hi It was a lot of work, but I love changes.. I just regret that I didn't photographed all of my challenges, because I would have a lot to show you :)
But my latest challenge in this niche was to paint one wall in bedroom, which was gold, because once I just wanted to have a gold glam bedroom. Which worked for a while, but I got tired of it... So few months ago I painted 2 walls white and left ceiling and one wall gold... Now it was the time to paint the last wall in white :) To get the room even lighter... And I did it and love it :) you can see the pictures down below:

What do you think? 
And do you want to know what kind of an ''art'' do I have in that black frame?
This is another DIY project that I did in the summer... I used cork board, ''dressed'' it in fabric... To show you that I'm a recycler too, I used a fabric from my pants that I wore almost 10 years ago :) Some old stuff comes handy sometimes (a lot in my case)! hi hi

                                                      (This fabric was my pants in old days)
I also used an old frame that I got when I was 13 years old :) yeah, like I said, old things comes handy, so don't throw things away if you a have a place to store it. I live in a house, so I have an attic that is full of handy things :) so... to finish the post... I fixed the cork board on a frame and hang my jewelry on hooks in cork board. That's it and I love it... It's my peace of art... :) And Unique too :) hi hi

That's it for today, hope you had a inspirational time in Nola's Life... See you soon!

Appreciate Vintage,

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