Sep 20, 2011

My Style Agenda

I have something new for all of you :)
I made Family Agenda that we all see, know what is going on, when we have some busy days,we don't want to forget about them :) hihi
Pictures will tell all, so let's see what I did...ok? :)
1.) I had cork board from some previous project, that I will show you someday... and what I did is just find the right fabric for my taste (navy style is what I love lately) :)
2.)  Pin the fabric on cork board, to prepare it for coupling

2nd Step will be shown just in pictures, no need for me to talk about it, you'll see everything...

Next step was, to print out the days of the week and prepare columns with green leather strings... And on the last picture you can see my finished project on our fridge ... I think it will help us to be more organized or not to forget some special days or moments...

Organized days,

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