Sep 9, 2011

Home-made - Ice-cream

Today I made something special for my little ones (and for little older ones too :) hihi). It's home made ice cream and it was yummy... :)
What I used:
 - Organic(from our garden) fruits
 - Strawberry yogurt
 - Brown sugar
 - Little bit of honey
 - Small kind of branches for the sticks for the very natural and organic look(don't forget to peel them)

What I did:
I just mixed all the ingredients together and put the mixture in a muffin baking cup and put it in a freezer. It was done after 10 minutes!

And here are photos so you could imagine our healthy dessert...

When you try it, let me know... And if you do Organic Ice Cream in some other way, let me know too, ok? :)

Sticky little fingers, Petra

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