Sep 19, 2011

Blow Out the Candels and Make a Wish!

I had a hectic weekend... My little princess had a birthday party. She is 4 today!!! Happy Birthday my sweetie pie!!!
I just want to show you guys, what I did and how I prepare myself for the birthday! My main goal was, to do almost everything by myself(except balloons and candels) :)
Here is the invitation that I did... We had a photoshooting outside the house and then i just ''played'' with photos and made this:

On the back of the invitation was written where and when the party starts! :)
The next Project was decoration (because I planned this party for one month). Here you can see something that I sew out of an old knitted dress that I didn't wear anymore and I love the colors of it... Made one short-one and one long-one...

I used Birthday printables, I found them here. And how I used them, you can see on the next photo:
I made ''snacks holders'' out of a scrapbook paper... and put them in drinking glass, stick the felt and printed paperboard on the glass, to be more personal for the birthday girl and put some colored feathers in the glass.

Here you can the printables what I found on the same page... Used this for water, juice and wine labels...

One other thing that I did: Cake stand... but I'm using it as a cookie stand or a fruit stand... What do you need to do it yourself? 2 plates and one glass(wine glass is what I used) or a vintage coffe/tea cup. I glued those pieces together with silicone and colored the glass with glass colors and sprinkle it with glitters, to shine, because I love shiny things :) Pretty simple, right? :) And very usefull!!!

And the almost final thing that I did was the outfit for her 4th birthday... I sew her fancy shirt(with ruffeled sleeves) that was in the style of her tutu... And had pink 4 in the front...

She loved it and feel very special in it... She was hugging me so much when I showed it to her ... and asked me:''Mommy, why are you doing all those pretty things for us?'' and I said:'' Because I Love you, that's why''... <wink>

Last thing that I did was the cake: It was very healthy cake,with apples,raisins,hazelnuts,soy milk and without flour and eggs... It would be vegan, if I wouldn't use sweet cream with it :) and I decorate it very girly-style! :)
We had so much fun on a party... Thanx to everyone who came and those who couldn't, hope you could come next time... See you in December, on a next Birthday party :)

Baloons and sweet cream fingers,

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