Sep 11, 2011

First day of School!

We have a Kindergartener and a First grader in our house... And here are some of the pics that I want to show you...

I made those flags out of paperboard and fabric. I added some ribbon and leather rope and that's it. I print out the letters and stick them on a flag. I used a got glue gun and for holding the flag i used some plastic stick that i found in our garage and cover them with fabric. My girls were sooooo happy with them, carrying them around the house... If you'll make something like that, let me know,ok?

And here I have another photo(sorry for covering little faces):

That is the photo(without covered faces), that we will have in our scrapbook... And remembering it forever!!! The girls have the signs that I printed out:
- I'm a 1st Grader
-I'm a Kindergartener
I found them on a pretty little Blog called I Heart Nap Time . Check it out...
Send me your Back to School photos if you want. I want to see Your creativity!!!

Hot pink and smiling faces,