Jan 7, 2011

What do you see?

What do you see when you walk in the street? When you are in the shopping mall or when you are driving in the car, train, taxi...?!? Can I tell you what I see? I see bunch of people who don't have time for eachother, who are rushing around not even taking a deep breath... When we see some people we know, we don't even have time to talk to them for few minutes... Isn't that sad? Where is this world going? It became super fast and i think it will become even faster... That is why we have to take few minutes and clear our head and not just rush through life, because life is too short. We should go back to life when nature, relationships and familly was the main thing... Everything is valued by material things and money... If you ask me, we should all be the same, we should all have enough of everything we need for life (love, health, food and water) - what else do we need? Even my little girls knows that down there in Africa are a lot of poor people and a lot of children without parents. But that is not only in Africa.... It's the whole world ... and can we do anything about it?!? My special friend from India told me, that a lot of people are just having babies to beg easier... That is so sad... What a perfect world would it be, if every child on earth would have parents and would be raised in love and would have a  place called home... I'm dreaming of a world like this... But with all this differences that we see: rich vs. poor, we won't achieve this...
What about the nature's voice that is trying to say something to us...?!? In Australia had snow in the summertime, we have a climate change, weather is all messed up, we have a difference for 20 degrees from one day to another... Floods and fire all over the world... Nature is trying to say something to us, but we are keep ignoring her voice... Or is it too late?!?
We should all try to help Nature to come on her path again... each and every one of us can do something every day... Why do we use all those plastic bags which are only bad for our invironment... why do we have to light up a candle when flowers are enough. Or even a nice thought of someone that passed away is a good thing. Say a prayer for them... Better than candles that ends up in trash and make harm to our beautiful nature... Can you at least think about it?!?
Recycling and Good thoughts,
Yours Petra

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