Jan 7, 2011

Step into a happy life!

Are you sad?... feeling lonely?... depressed?... Try to find that sparkle in you, that will light up your face and you just have to convinse yourself to never let it go... I see myself as a grown up kid... and i will always be... despite that I'm married and have children... In my heart I am a kid...  are you too? Or did you lost that little princess /prince in your heart... If you did, now it's the right time to find it again.... It's always the right time...
I have a friend, J.B. , that is soooooo positive... I don't see her often, but she has always smile on her face and that inspires me.... She is kind, want to help others and makes the room more inviting when she is in it. She has a beautiful familly, her husband is the same as she is. Positive... And in some way she is my role model... I am a positive person, but since I saw her for the last time, I want to show everybody that you can be happy with little things. Things that brighten your day... Maybe that's a visit of a friend like is my J.B. or it's just a moment when you are reading your favourite book or a moment when you take time and pour hot water in your bath and have 30 minutes of silence... Embrace yourself and try to live each day without thinking what can happend tomorrow... If you will think too much of the future, you wont see and feel Today..... so, make a change today and say your dear ones that you love them. Don't be stubborn and see only one solution, because I'm sure there are at least 2, say a prayer or smile to a stranger. Be kind to a salesman, who is having a bad day and he is not showing you kindness. Maybe your smile will change his mind. It's not for sure, but you can try it and avoid anger and arguing... Step into a happy life today and if you don't know any positive person, who you could look up to, try to make a difference in you and you could help others to switch from being negative to being positive...
Smiles and Happiness,
your Petra

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